New RACI Website

After a process of reviewing and updating the website, RACI launches its site, updated and dynamic, with new resources, spaces, and tools. Dare to browse it!

At the end of 2020, RACI´s team began a process to review the organization´s website, to integrate all the activities carried out by the network into a simple, dynamic, and updated platform, as well as providing new resources. This month, we introduce our new website; a space to connect and take our work to the next level.

Nowadays, both the people who contact the Network, as well as the organizations themselves, can access a more advanced and functional site, which will speed up searches and allow them to contact and support the network in different ways.

Among the new sections, there is an Exclusive Access for members, a portal that will allow: disseminating activities and events; visualize cooperation opportunities using filters that search calls easy and fast; and generate discussions in the new forum. In the latter, each one will be able to dialogue with people and organizations that work with related topics and that are, or not, in the same geographical area, to create new forms of participation that enable progress with specific thematic priorities.

In the case of a network, organizations must strengthen their ties with each other, carrying out that intrinsic potential that working in a community contains.

Enjoy it!