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Join RACI and be a part of a multi-thematic network that brings together more than 150 Argentine Civil Society Organizations

Join RACI and be a part of a multi-thematic network that brings together more than 150 Argentine Civil Society Organizations

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  1. 1 Be a non-governmental, nonpartisan and non-profit organization.
  2. 2 Being a social organization of cause, that is, having been constituted to carry out an activity in pursuit of the common good, democratically organized, whose financial resources are used to help pursue its own objectives.
  3. 3 To be an Argentine Organization that works in the country.
  4. 4 Have registration under Argentine legal regulations, in any of the ways that the law provides for non-profit organizations (civil associations, foundations, cooperators, cooperatives, mutuals, etc.)
  5. 5 Have a minimum of 2 years of antiquity in its operation, from its legal registration.
  6. 6 Participate in the Membership Informational Meeting or have a previous meeting with the RACI team.

Membership opens in May. For more information about the RACI admission process, write to: membresia@raci.org.ar

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Strategic allies

RACI also offers a category to establish alliances with organizations that do not meet the requirements to be full members – international organizations, networks, research centers, b-companies, universities, among others – but that can become strategic allies of the network.

Alliance Features

Through the alliance, institutions will be able to access the opportunities that RACI sends daily, as well as tools, contacts, information, and invitations to events and trainings.

Alliances are formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding for a minimum period of three months and have a monthly cost.

Who can be allies? Argentine CSOs, regional CSOs, universities, companies, other networks.

For inquiries, write to: membresia@raci.org.ar

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I want to be a Volunteer

Participating in internships and volunteer programs in Civil Society Organizations is an opportunity to collaborate and deal with different types of social causes, communities and work procedures from the perspective of the Global South. This experience not only contributes and enriches the organization that receives the support of interns and volunteers, but also nurtures professional and human experiences for the people who wish to form part of the organizations.

Our team of interns and volunteers is an essential resource that helps us get through our daily work. The Network receives, throughout the year, Argentine and foreign students and professionals who wish to gain experience and immerse themselves in the field of Civil Society and International Cooperation. Activities are broad, flexible, and aligned with the interests and expectations of interns and volunteers.

It only requires commitment, responsibility and vocation to contribute to social transformation. Join us!

Lea Bruzzo Delgadillo
The internship I did at RACI not only improved my Spanish, but also my understanding of the socioeconomic situation in Argentina. My duties varied from day to day, but my experience exceeded my hope of simply doing administrative work. In the midst of presidential elections, an economic crisis and increasing levels of poverty, the work I did with RACI made tangible much of what I had studied in my Communication, Spanish and International Studies classes - especially with regard to social cohesion, inequality and access to resources in Latin America. I will always value the RACI team and wish them all the best; International cooperation will be essential to emerge together from the humanitarian crisis created by COVID-19.

Alexia Pissinis

Volunteering at RACI was an incredible experience. I greatly appreciate the possibilities it gave me to learn about the work of the third sector in Argentina and Latin America. In addition, I was delighted to be able to participate in international conferences with guests from all over the world and to be part of a work team that, even virtually, was able to maintain attention and a good work environment.

Ronán Pros

My experience at RACI has represented great personal, professional and academic growth. The work ethic and values ​​that RACI promulgates are essential to promote sustainable development at all levels of social life. Having been part of that development process will be an experience that will accompany me throughout my career!

Volunteer Program

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the team

Are you interested in working in a Network that is dedicated to strengthening and promoting the work of Civil Society Organizations? At RACI we are looking for talented and passionate people to be part of our team and thus contribute to sustainable development.

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Organizations in Argentina are going through a critical moment, where funds are shrinking while the need for their work and support is doubling. Help us to continue strengthening our members, join us with your donation!

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