We visited Enseñá por Argentina and we want to tell you about their work!

Enseñá por Argentina is an organization committed to educational transformation in the most vulnerable communities in our country.

We were received by some of their team members, who shared their experiences, innovative ideas, and their vision for the future, demonstrating their commitment to redefining education and ensuring that all children and young people have access to high-quality comprehensive education.

Their mission is to build a diverse movement of individuals committed to education in socioeconomically vulnerable communities. Through collective leadership, they strive to reimagine education and ensure that each individual has access to education that not only enhances their abilities but also empowers them as agents of change in their communities.

They are currently present in seven regions across the country: Buenos Aires, CABA (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), Salta, Neuquén, Río Negro, Mendoza, and Córdoba. This strategic expansion allows them to effectively address the educational needs of diverse communities.

One of the highlights they shared with us was their focus on “Alumni,” those professionals who have graduated from the Social and Educational Leadership Program. Enseñá por Argentina aims for these graduates to continue making an impact in the education system from various areas of action, thus contributing to sustainable and lasting transformation.

The organization critically analyzes the educational situation in our country, especially in the most vulnerable populations. They focus on addressing the educational gap and challenging a system that often perpetuates social inequalities.

Thank you very much for welcoming us!


Meeting of the Regional Executive Committee and the Innovation for Change Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Staff

During the week of August 14th to 18th, RACI was present in Guatemala for the meeting of the Regional Executive Committee and the Innovation for Change Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) team.

The main purpose of this meeting was to assess the impact and progress of the work carried out by the group in promoting an enabling space and fostering innovation throughout the region. During these days, future plans and strategies were evaluated with the aim of providing Civil Society Organizations with strong tools for their strengthening and for the creation of a civic environment conducive to their development.

Some of the key points addressed during this gathering included:

2024 Roadmap: Time and effort were dedicated to developing a roadmap that will guide actions and goals in the coming year, reflecting the organization’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and the advancement of civil society in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Membership Strategy: The membership strategy was discussed in order to strengthen the community of committed actors. The inclusion of new members is essential to expand the reach and impact of initiatives.

New Activities Generated from the Hub: New activities and projects to be driven from the Innovation for Change LAC hub were explored. These projects are designed to address key challenges in the region and promote collaboration among organizations.

Identification of Best Practices: Effective working practices that have proven successful in strengthening civil society in Latin America and the Caribbean were highlighted and shared.

Impact Measurement: Special emphasis was placed on measuring the impact of actions carried out by RACI and its members. Ongoing evaluation is essential to ensure that objectives are being met and positive change is being generated.


Final Event of the 2022-2023 Edition of the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina and Paraguay

On August 31st, we were at the New Zealand Embassy in Argentina participating in the closing event of the latest edition of the fund. During this meeting, the representatives of each of the winning organizations of this edition of the fund shared with us the results and impact generated by their projects in the communities where they were implemented.

In this last edition of the Fund, the New Zealand Embassy supported four organizations from Argentina and Paraguay in the following projects:

León Foundation: with the aim of strengthening water security and youth participation for the sustainable local development of the Quilmes indigenous community in Tucumán.

Patagonia Natural Foundation: seeking sustainable improvement in the quality of life in school villages on the Patagonian steppe through the use of renewable energies (solar thermal).

Moisés Bertoni Foundation: with the objective of increasing access to food security and nutrition for the Mby’a indigenous community in Tacuaro, Paraguay.

Strategic Forum for National Development Foundation: with the goal of reducing the use of wood and charcoal fuel until replaced by renewable sources and educating on the efficient and rational use of energy in Entre Ríos.

On another note, we want to share that the New Zealand Embassy in Argentina has decided to work on finding a new approach to optimize resources and maximize the reach and impact of the Fund. For this reason, there will be no usual call for project proposals for the 2023-24 edition.

This decision recognizes and takes into account the continuous efforts of organizations in Argentina and Paraguay and is part of a broader process of rethinking and redesigning effective strategies to maximize our contribution to the local community in Argentina and Paraguay.

We remain committed to seeking new channels of support for civil society and establishing new partnerships that can enhance the impact of their actions.


We presented our 2020-2025 strategic plan to our members

To facilitate RACI’s management and to quantify our achievements, progress, and impact, we strategically plan our actions in five-year periods. We are currently in the midterm stage of our 2020-2025 strategic plan, with the central objective being the strengthening of Civil Society, around which the following pillars revolve: coordination, advocacy, research, and institutional development.

The concept of strengthening is based on the premise of the need to achieve a sustainable and diverse civil society, primarily independent, which, through collaborative and cooperative efforts, will create or push for an enabling and conducive environment.

After making the implementation of the strategic plan possible as a result of a dialogue exercise involving various civil society actors, member organizations, allies, and institutions, in 2022, the team that forms the network conducted two working sessions to assess internal planning.

The next step was to present the evaluation of our 2020-2025 strategic plan to our members. To do this, we gathered at the space provided by the Williams Foundation, where we reviewed achievements and analyzed results.

This meeting represented an enriching exchange to review and improve key aspects of our network. Our focus is on creating an even deeper and more relevant impact within our community.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Williams Foundation for providing the space and to all the individuals present, whose contributions and perspectives are contributing to our continuous growth.


RACI and AGNA: An Alliance of Opportunities

With the purpose of showcasing our commitment on the global stage and our determination to bring the best to our members, we want to highlight how RACI is strengthening its engagement in global networks through active participation in AGNA (Affinity Group of National Associations).

AGNA is a network that brings together organizations from around the world with the aim of promoting cooperation beyond national and regional boundaries. This alliance not only creates opportunities for innovative collaborations but also enhances the impact of civil society on a global scale.

AGNA serves as a crucial platform for empowering people to organize, mobilize, and take action. Through this alliance, meaningful opportunities are generated for networks to connect, engage, and influence global government institutions and processes. This movement is an affirmation of the collective power and transformative influence that civil society can wield in the world.

By actively participating in AGNA, we are reinforcing our commitment to global networks and demonstrating our unwavering determination to bring the latest information, trends, and opportunities to our members. We are committed to deepening our network efforts, amplifying AGNA’s work worldwide, and solidifying the position of civil society as an influential actor on the international stage.


We welcome our new members!

We extend a warm welcome to the 43 Civil Society Organizations that have joined RACI this year to support us in driving social transformation and the creation of a space where interinstitutional exchange and dialogue are fundamental.

The meeting took place at the Embassy of Canada, where we reinforced cooperation, synergy, and commitment that propel RACI forward.

We are delighted to announce that the new members of RACI are:

  • Transparencia Electoral
  • Tablero de Oportunidades
  • Sumando Iniciativas de Cambio
  • Shalom Bait Asociacion Civil De Prevencion De La Violencia Familiar
  • Pumakawa
  • Asociación Franciscana Pata Pila
  • Asociación Civil Mocha Celis
  • Minkai Para El Trabajo Solidario
  • MeT [Mujeres en Tecnología]
  • La Casa de Ronald McDonald
  • Asociación Civil Gaia
  • Fundación Vicentina
  • Fundación TEMAS
  • Fundacion SUMA
  • Fundación San Genaro
  • Fundación Mujeres en Igualdad
  • Fundación María de Guadalupe
  • Fundación Magis
  • Fundación Kunayan
  • Fundación Jean Maggi
  • Fundación Gracias
  • Fundación Espacios Verdes
  • Fundación Coepio
  • Fundación Abrazar
  • Fundación El sueño de un niño
  • Eco House
  • Cultura Democrática
  • CPA
  • Asociación Civil Comunicación para la Igualdad
  • Fundacion Colombres De Pie
  • Centro Especializado en el Desarrollo Temprano Infantil – CEDTI
  • Fundación Banco de Alimentos Tucumán
  • Asociacion Civil Árabe Encuentro
  • Asociación por los Derechos Civiles – ADC
  • Un Árbol ONG
  • Semillero Digital
  • Hecho por Nosotros
  • Proyecto Vaso de Leche
  • Congreso Judío Latinoaméricano
  • Asociación Civil para el Desarrollo de la Educación Especial y la Inclusión (ADEEI)
  • Acción Serran

We invite you to get to know their work, their commitment to civil society, and their projects.