Our Members: Semillero Digital and CADENA Argentina

Discover Semillero Digital, a path to an inclusive digital future!

We met with the team at Semillero Digital, which is dedicated to empowering economically disadvantaged youth through the digital revolution. 

The organization’s goal is clear: to open the doors to the digital workforce so that everyone, regardless of their social background, can improve their quality of life by harnessing the potential of technology.

The organization is dedicated to providing free education in cutting-edge digital disciplines such as digital marketing and e-commerce. But it doesn’t stop there. It accompanies young people in vulnerable situations in their search for employment in the digital world, especially those who lack the resources to access this training. How does it do this? Through strategic partnerships with committed organizations that already work in the most needy neighborhoods and provide training for young people’s employability.

At Semillero Digital, volunteerism is a fundamental part of its success. It invites professionals to join its teaching and mentoring team. This creates an enriching environment for students as they have access to quality teachers, dedicated mentors, and a talented team to guide them through their transition at Semillero. This process of learning, training and development culminates with the achievement of their first formal digital job.

The community of professionals at Semillero Digital shares a deep belief that decent work and education are fundamental rights, not exclusive privileges. 

CADENA: Changing realities through humanitarian aid

We met with the CADENA Argentina team where we talked about their work, projects and goals.

CADENA, a non-profit civic association, is committed to preventing and responding to crises and disasters around the world by providing direct aid to those who need it most.

To be part of CADENA is to dare to change the world through humanitarian aid.

The organization’s mission is to promote a culture of prevention and inclusion to transform realities and build resilient, just and equitable communities for all.

 The organization carries out mano a mano missions, challenging indifference and seeking the active participation of people in the process of change for those most in need. 

CADENA has a rescue team, “Go Team”, trained in Israel and composed of 40 active members highly trained in all types of rescue operations. In addition, CADENA implements programs to rebuild homes, medical centers and schools affected by crises and disasters around the world. It also provides vital support for the economic recovery of affected areas.


We welcomed representatives from the Inter-American Foundation!

On Monday, November 6th, we had the honor of welcoming professional referents to the coworking space of the Fundación Navarro Viola. On this occasion, we were joined by Gabriela Boyer, representative of the Inter-American Foundation (IAF) for Chile and Uruguay, and director of the Strategic Initiative for Community Philanthropy. She was joined by Carolyn Smalkowsky, IAF representative for Argentina. Florencia Alvarez, responsible for local liaison and support, also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, we held a dialogue with our members on the current context and reality of Argentine civil society. Among the participants were representatives of outstanding organizations such as Fundación Huésped, Asociación Conciencia, Educar 2050, Vida Silvestre, AMIA, CIPPEC, ELA – Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género, Banco de Alimentos, Fundación Pro Vivienda Social, and Fundación Poder Ciudadano.

We appreciate the visit and the exchange of ideas that will strengthen our commitment to community and social development!


Building Alliances for Change: Good Deeds Day and Kettering Foundation

Good Deeds Day 

From October 29 to November 1, 2023, the Good Deeds Day Regional Conference was held in Costa Rica.

Representatives of civil society organizations and individuals committed to the slogan participated, as well as leaders of incredible initiatives from all over Latin America and the Caribbean. There were very enriching workshops, conferences and panels and we came back full of energy and ideas to take DBA to another level in our country.

Some of the topics we covered were: 

  • Sustainable volunteering.
  • High-impact project planning.
  • Strengthening of networks and alliances.
  • Problem-solving group dynamics to achieve dynamic and sustainable volunteerism in a changing society.

Among the most outstanding panels was the one on “Alliances with the Business Sector”, which offered different ways to approach and involve the private sector in our projects. Another very enriching panel was “How to raise funds and not die trying” offered by Salvador Sanchez (Majocca Foundation- Mexico) and Carlos Madrid (Independent Consultant- Mexico).

The Giving Tuesday representative from Brazil spoke about generosity in Latam and how we can connect with the program. RACI participated in the panel “Partnerships with Governments” with colleagues from Peru, Mexico and Paraguay.

At the end of the event, all delegations participated in a volunteer activity that consisted of assembling backpacks with school supplies for children from underprivileged areas. We counted on the presence of the children who would receive the backpacks, and they themselves participated in this “Marathon”. 

Kettering Foundation Gathers World Leaders in Auckland to promote inclusive democracy.

In a momentous event organized by the Kettering Foundation, leaders and professionals committed to promoting inclusive democracy gathered in Auckland, New Zealand. This globally significant event brought together diverse experts and representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs), including RACI.

The event addressed the contemporary challenges facing democracy. Key discussions were held on concrete strategies to foster civic participation and strengthen democratic institutions in an increasingly complex and changing world.

RACI’s participation as a network of civil society organizations was instrumental in enriching the dialogue and sharing experiences and perspectives from Argentina and the region. 

The event, which culminated in a series of commitments and action plans, reaffirms the commitment of the Kettering Foundation and its partners to promoting inclusive democracy and strengthening communities around the world globally.


We celebrate the closing of the training program

The training program to support the efforts of CSOs in Latin America and the Caribbean has concluded.

These workshops were designed to collaborate in strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations, providing and exchanging tools, knowledge, and skills to boost their resilience in facing challenges throughout the region.

What have we achieved?

During the months of July to October 2023, more than 60 people took part in the workshops. Coming from civil society organizations, social movements and activists across 17 different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Attendees received certification on key topics such as Strategic Communication, Advocacy, Networking and Volunteering.

This incredible training opportunity was made possible thanks to the collective effort of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI), Grupo FARO and Youth Against Violence, the organizations that make up the Regional Center for Innovation for Change in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Thank you all for participating!

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RACI Renews its Commitment to CIVICUS for Three More Years!

RACI renews its commitment to CIVICUS as a full and voting member for the next three years.

We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed the re-accreditation process as a full and voting member of CIVICUS – World Alliance for Citizen Participation. This renewal ensures RACI’s continued membership in this leading global alliance, effective October 4, 2023 through October 4, 2026.

By reaffirming our role as a voting member, we consolidate our active participation in a diverse global alliance of activists and civil society organizations, in line with the mission and vision of CIVICUS. The renewal of our membership reflects our commitment to strengthening citizen action and civil society advocacy, both on a local and global scale.

The certificate of membership awarded by CIVICUS revalidates our dedication to building a global community that is informed, inspired and committed to addressing the challenges facing humanity. At the same time, it underscores our ongoing efforts to strengthen citizen action and civil society around the world.

RACI is proud to continue to collaborate with CIVICUS and looks forward to working together to foster meaningful and positive change in our communities and in the world at large.


We hosted our exclusive members-only event on Individual Donors!

On October 31, our members-only forum focused on key strategies for attracting donors and ensuring the sustainability of Civil Society Organizations. Under the expert guidance of Daniel Gamboa, Director of Growth and Fundraising at Amnesty International Argentina, tactics were shared to expand impact and strengthen commitment to Human Rights.

We thank the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella for offering its facilities for an intensive day of learning and reflection, which significantly enriched the dialogue around the importance of collaboration and the exchange of experiences, especially in such challenging times as the present.

Special emphasis was placed on providing practical tools for the formation and management of highly effective fundraising teams. Strategies employed by large organizations to attract donors and retain competent professionals in this field were analyzed.

In addition, the workshop promoted reflection on the management of financial development in times of crisis, and fostered an active dialogue among all the areas that interact with this sector. The workshop was especially designed for professionals with leadership roles in social organizations, seeking to provide them with the necessary tools to face challenges.

The members of the network participated in debates and shared experiences, reflecting on actualization strategies and tactics to preserve the impact of the causes in times of inflation. 

We express our gratitude for the participation of all network members, and look forward to future meetings to continue strengthening the sector.


Join us for another edition in the series of dialogues!

The Regional Center of Innovation for Change in Latin America and the Caribbean continues with the cycle of multi-actor roundtable discussions.

As with each new forum, the next meeting will consist of brief presentations by leading figures from Latin America and the Caribbean with the aim of motivating and generating enriching conversations, with innovating proposals and alternatives that improve and enhance the democratic practices in our countries. After the presentations, it is proposed a round table discussion with the participation of the audience, based on dynamics that favor a genuine dialogue, open and inclusive communication of all voices in order to achieve a better consensus.

On this opportunity, we invite you to join us for the third encounter:

Dialogue 3: Democracy and Rights. Human Rights. Environmental Rights. November 30, 2023. From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (GMT -3)

The topics to consider will be the relationship between democracy, human rights and environmental rights as well as the different situations in the region, the challenges, risks, and opportunities.

The conversations shall be done virtually through Zoom and will be held in Spanish.

Register here.