The Civic Perspective Latin America and Caribbean Survey is Now Available!

The Civic Perspective Latin America and Caribbean Survey is Now Available! 

Towards a view of the organizations from the Global South

Civic Perspective is a quali-quantitative periodical study conducted by  RACI whose objective is to measure the pulse of Nonprofit Organizations (NPO) On this occasion, and with the support of Innovation For Change’s Latin America and Caribbean Hub, we intend to understand the current reality of NPOs in the region in a deeper way.

The questions that move us and spark our interest in this case, and that we intend to answer in this project, are: Do the NPOs of our region reproduce the same concerns present in our societies today? What are the differences that are established between the different types of organizations in terms of access to funding, human, and technical resources? What are the links between large organizations and grass-root organizations?

In essence, Civic Perspective stems from an epistemology based on the Global South and from a polyphonic view of reality, looking into what are the main strengths, weaknesses and needs of social organizations according to their context. For this reason, this study aims to gather perspectives from organizations of all types, locations and sizes, whether they are formally registered or not, in order to better understand the realities of our sector, its working populations, and to begin to act accordingly.

Moreover, this initiative has been co-created and emerged from eight instances of dialogues and therefore reflects all those voices, conversations, visions and concerns shared by members of the Social Sector throughout our region.



If you are part of any type of social organization, either as volunteer or paid personnel, we invite you to add your perspective! Here you can find more information about this study´s basis.

Last but not least, Will you help us reach more social organizations so we can amplify our voices? Find the dissemination kit here.

We look forward to hearing your perspective! The survey will be available until August 15.