Banco Galicia and RACI presented their virtual workshop for CSOs

30 Civil Society Organizations participated in a cycle of free workshops on Design Thinking called “Change paradigms to transform realities”, coordinated by RACI with the support of Banco Galicia. This was carried out on August 4, 11 and 18 through the Zoom platform.

The meeting was an initiative of Banco Galicia’s Sustainability Area, which sought to provide with RACI a space where tools shared would allow CSOs to innovate, both in their internal processes as well as in the solutions they bring to the problems they work on.

The workshops were held in 3 days over 3 weeks, with a 3-hour workload per class. Although the participants used Zoom as their main tool of communication, other platforms such as Jamboard and Slack were also implemented to diversify and make the process of definition, ideation and prototyping of solutions more didactic.

The cross-cutting theme of these workshops was the implementation of Design Thinking. In the first class, the participants were introduced to this innovation methodology by RACI, with the aim of applying it to social problems. From the second class onwards, the dynamics focused on the delimitation of problems and the ideation of projects. Finally, in the third class, the groups designed prototypes to solve the problems they identified. The process ended up with the presentation of the prototypes and the participants were encouraged to continue their implementation in the future. One element to highlight is that all the exercises were developed in groups, made up of people from different organizations, to encourage collaboration and teamwork between them.

If you were unable to attend this workshop, follow us on our social media and on our website! There you will find the next dates of all the workshops we have.