Closing of the New Zealand Fund for Argentina and Paraguay

Yesterday, we had the final meeting of the tenth edition of the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina. We are happy to be able to share ten years of projects, of working together with organizations, and of reading proposals and being able to fund them.

In all these years we have received 1836 proposals and funded, by the embassy, 45 civil society organizations, which makes us feel very proud and happy to be able to share this. On this occasion, we received 251 proposals and funded four civil society organizations from two different countries, Argentina and Paraguay.

We would like to congratulate all the organizations for their achievements and commitment, both the winners as well as the organizations that applied.

The following are the winning organizations and their projects:

  • Pueblos del Arroyo Tabá ÎSÎRÎRÎRÎ: collection and potabilization of rainwater and use of alternative energies in Almafuerte, Misiones. The objective of the project is to promote access to safe water through the implementation of a rainwater collection and purification system in family homes and educational institutions and to socialize access to alternative energies, with the installation in public spaces of light columns and charging of mobile devices with photovoltaic solar energy. 
  • Organización de Mujeres Indígena Guaraní de Macharety: sustainable production of bee honey and conservation practices of the Chaco environment. To develop a model of sustainable honey production and commercialization in the forests of the Macharety community, based on the women’s traditional knowledge.
  • Foundation for the protection of children, educational development and scout-fundemos movement: building mental health. Strengthening the economic independence of menstruating people, understanding menstruation as a matter of equity, social and environmental justice; and generating, in the community management centers, a space of accompaniment and containment for LGBTI+ women.
  • Tierra Libre Foundation: advancing in the water security of the families of the Nivacle ethnic group of the lower Pilcomayo, Paraguayan Chaco. Guarantee improvements in the accessibility conditions of the Villa Avalos commune in terms of trafficability, circulation and environment, contributing to the social production of an adequate habitat, reducing inequality gaps and strengthening the organizational practices of the work table.

To all of them, we wish them all the best in this work process ahead and thank them for trusting our organization to submit these projects of enormous importance to civil society.