Workshop on Digital marketing, campaign checklist

During the month of November, we had the opportunity to receive in FNV social cowork Luis Sotomayor, a specialist in digital media. In this opportunity, he gave an in-person workshop on Digital Marketing, campaign checklist, which was free and was designed especially for social organizations, with the aim of providing knowledge of social media management.

The workshop was held in Sánchez de Bustamante 191, CABA, where FNV social coworking is located and, at the end, those organizations that participated in the workshop were invited to stay that same afternoon and make use of the coworking. This was free of charge, in order to get to know the facilities in the best possible way, in order to be able to work for their causes.

Among the contents were different recommendations to improve the performance of the budget in adwords, facebook and email marketing. In addition, it had the following points to be discussed:

  • Schedule: components and metrics.
  • Adwords checklist.
  • Facebook checklist.
  • Email marketing checklist.

Nowadays, social networks and email marketing are a trend and, in addition, people are aware of the importance of being present through external communication. In this aspect, we think about social networks, mailing, campaigns, flyers, etc. For this reason, the workshop about digital marketing was interesting for those who are interested in learning how to make the most of these resources.

Being a universal and very recurrent topic, it can serve to attract listeners within the sector and establish networks, the main reason that brings us together. These networks can be both internal, among members of the organizations, and external, for those who are interested in working or contributing to improve civil society.

We find all the contents addressed in the workshop very useful, as they are of great support and advice for those who participated. In addition, they can optimize resources within the organizations or to generate them, in case they do not have them yet.

One of the benefits of coworking is to be able to work as a team and establish networks with other people that came to the cowork, which is essential when we talk about CSOs. For this reason, this type of workshop is a good initiative so that the people who attend can integrate with each other and network.

We thank all the social organizations that joined us and hope to meet again soon. In order not to miss any future events, we invite you to follow the coworking social networks.