Workshop on Budget and Rights

On Thursday, November 24 at 4 pm, at the Catholic University of Cordoba, the workshop on Budget and Rights was held, a face-to-face meeting in which RACI was invited to analyze the budget allocated by the province of Cordoba to guarantee rights.

We were invited to know and analyze the budget information available to guarantee our rights and learn how to do it together. This is based on the understanding that the public budget is a State management tool that affects our daily lives.

The meeting was face-to-face and, in addition to the above, the budget allocation of key policies for the guarantee of rights in the province was analyzed. The meeting was moderated by Julieta Izcurdia, Coordinator – Fiscal Justice Program of ACIJ, and Nina Sibilla, Coordinator of Democracy – FUNDEPS.

The workshop is part of one of the activities of the Empowering Women project that demands public budgets for policies that contribute to combat the gender gap in the provinces of Mendoza, Salta and Córdoba and is supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives 2022-2023.

The meeting consisted of a first part, where some theoretical concepts provided in the virtual meetings were taken up again. Afterwards, the different budget information tools of the Government of the Province of Córdoba were presented.

Participants were divided into groups by topic of interest and analyzed, specifically, the budgets allocated to social programs in these areas. In addition, they discussed the different findings of the analysis based on the regulatory framework and a rights-based approach. Finally, they outlined a plan of action to continue working together, with the aim of presenting claims at the public hearing on the provincial budget.

Participants included social organizations, university professors, students, municipal officials and researchers. The diversity of people who came to participate made the meeting very enriching and we were able to work together.