RACI is now part of Urban Future!

RACI is part of the Urban Future alliance, a collaborative space between more than 200 organizations from around the world that seek to promote sustainable development in their cities. 

Over two days – September 30 and October 1 – the URBAN FUTURE virtual event (UFv21), a novel digital format designed for a global audience and co-created by more than 300 organizations around the world, will take place. Co-organized by the cities of Buenos Aires, Lahti and Brisbane, it aims to inspire and motivate current and future agents of change anywhere in the world.

RACI is already part of the URBAN FUTURE alliance, the largest event for sustainable cities that has grown into a critical global community of over 50,000 urban change agents, leaders and policy makers seeking to make cities more sustainable. 

Being part of this platform, at such a critical time as the present where climate challenges are becoming more frequent, allows us to share and incorporate experiences and skills to be drivers of change focused on urban sustainable development. In the words of Gerald Babel-Sutter, CEO and founder, “We don’t sell technology or tell them what to do. We share skills, experiences, knowledge; what works and what doesn’t work in driving change”.

This event will have a format that is far from the classic webinar and more Netflix-like, with the collaboration of a team of experts from the television, broadcasting and multimedia industries. For two days, the focus will be on stories with great inspirational content and shared learnings. 

To learn more about this great opportunity and become a sustainable change-maker, visit