We continue to co-manage the funds of the New Zealand Embassy in Argentina and Mexico!

During the month of September, RACI collaborated with the co-management of the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina and Mexico. Both funds support small-scale, short-term community projects that contribute to increasing the well-being of a community. Projects must be aligned with the mission of the New Zealand Embassy Fund, which seeks “sustainable development in developing countries, with the aim of reducing poverty and contributing to a safer, more equitable and prosperous world”.

The proposals received were evaluated using the same scoring system that analyzes the following categories:

  • Profile of the organization.
  • Project feasibility.
  • Rigorousness.
  • Impact.
  • Budget analysis.

Read on for the first results of both calls for proposals!

Results of the New Zealand Embassy Fund Call for Proposals in Mexico

The call was open to organizations in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Cuba. For this first phase we received a total of 429 applications distributed as follows: 380 from Mexico, 2 from Cuba, 1 from Costa Rica, 9 from the Dominican Republic, 11 from El Salvador, 2 from Panama, 13 from Guatemala, 9 from Nicaragua and 2 from Argentina.

In terms of the thematic axes of the call, of the applications: 58 work on climate change and resilience, 33 are dedicated to the rights of the LGTBIQ+ community, 129 promote community development (particularly indigenous and rural communities), 56 are linked to agricultural development, 117 work on education and 36 on migration.

Results of the call for proposals of the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina

RACI received a total of 322 applications for the New Zealand Embassy Fund in Argentina, of which 286 were submitted by organizations based in Argentina and 36 by organizations in Paraguay.

Regarding the thematic axes of the call, of the proposals submitted 145 work on the axis of economic and social inclusion, 55 are framed within the axis of climate change and resilience, 26 are linked to equal rights for LGBTQI+ communities, while 96 promote the development of communities (particularly indigenous and rural).

How does the application process continue?  

Once Phase 1 of the application process for both calls for proposals has been completed, the RACI team will evaluate the concept notes received; a pre-selection will be made of those projects that meet the criteria and requirements of the fund. Those pre-selected organizations will be notified by e-mail and will be invited to participate in a second stage where they will have to complete an expanded application form that must also be completed through the platform.