Strengthening Workshops

With the objective of strengthening the capabilities of civil society organizations identified by the City of Buenos Aires Government, here at RACI we carry out strengthening workshops. Furthermore, the aim is for these organizations to be able to access both international cooperation resources and other strategic social investors oriented towards development, so that the sustainability of projects can be guaranteed in the long run. 

Throughout the training efforts, RACI seeks to successfully increase organizations’ capabilities and their technical resource acquisition. In consequence, they may perfect the quality of their proposals and project presentations when obtaining resources, thus promoting a better institutional preparation when working with this type of support. Simultaneously, organizations are strengthened at an institutional level so that the long term sustainability of their project can be guaranteed.

With the development of the workshops, it is expected that the participating CSOs will be able to increase their capabilities and resources, the goal in mind being to perfect the quality of proposals and projects they present to international cooperation, all while counting on better institutional preparation to work with this type of support. 

One of the workshops that form part of the program is that of the Williams Foundation, which aims towards more sustainable projects. The purpose of this workshop is to institutionally develop and strengthen the 18 groups through meetings regarding the building of capabilities, during which different topics linked to project sustainability are addressed. In this way, the goal becomes institutional strengthening, as well as the mobilization of resources and their link to agents of international cooperation. Likewise, the main objective is to strengthen the capabilities of these groups and guarantee their projects in the long term. 

On the other hand, we can find Capacity Building, enclosed within the cycle of training: the strengthening of the capabilities of civil society organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. The workshop cycle will be brought forth by the Red Argentina de Cooperación Internacional (RACI), an Argentine organization that is made up by the Regional Center of Innovation for Change in Latin America and the Caribbean, and which possesses years of experience working on these topics. 

The main objective of Capacity Building is to accompany Latin America and the Caribbean’s civil society in the defense of its civic space, as well as to build up its resilience. Thus, the Regional Center is announcing the launching of the cycle of virtual training workshops The Strengthening of Capabilities for Civil Society Organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

The cycle of workshops was open to the participation of people part of work groups within social movements or non-profit organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean’s civil society, as well as for social activists; all types of non-profit organizations/civil society organizations can participate.

We continue working towards increasing the capabilities and resources of CSOs!