We are part of the GlobalGiving community!

After a successful campaign in April, as part of the GlobalGiving Accelerator 2021, RACI has become a permanent partner of GlobalGiving. This achievement was the result of raising more than US$5.000 from 60 different donors towards its Organizational Fund.

GlobalGiving is a non-profit organization that connects donors with CSOs around the world. The Accelerator consists of an instance of virtual training and the realization of a campaign, the objective of which is to increase the fundraising skills of non-profit organizations around the world.

RACI participated in the program with a Fund for Organizations, which is intended to help the member organizations of the Network to face the cost of membership, which translates into capacity building, obtaining new resources, and articulating with stakeholders. relevant to sustainable development for many CSOs in the country. As a result of their efforts, the Network was able to publish a campaign, demonstrate its ability to generate new support and, finally, join the GlobalGiving platform.

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