New dialogues: Rebuilding for good

RACI has been selected to carry out one of the first three case studies in Argentina based on the CIVICUS document “Rebuilding for Good”, together with WACSI in Ghana and CPDC in Barbados. This document consists of a series of recommendations that aim to investigate what changes are necessary for governments to work better together with the Civil Society. The idea of this project is to devise and co-create an innovative long-term strategy to generate an international framework, which has inputs from local experiences.

Rebuilding for Good has a series of recommendations and measures that governments can adopt to expedite and support the tasks of Civil Society within a critical context due to COVID-19. This document was based on initiatives of Civil Society networks working in more than 80 countries and consists of six main points:

  1. Remove restrictions; enhance the value and contributions of Civil Society;
  2. Help Civil Society to meet and reduce operating expenses;
  3. Make regulatory requirements more flexible;
  4. Include Civil Society in stimulus funds and grants for COVID-19;
  5. Create the necessary infrastructure to promote the work of Civil Society;
  6. Promote the capacity of Civil Society to develop sustainable alternatives.

From RACI, two multisectoral dialogues were carried out with representatives of the public and private sectors, academia, Civil Society organizations, and international cooperation, to analyze these points mentioned and think about possible solutions around the established points.

At each meeting, an intense debate was held with proposals and diagnoses that each one made from their role and their institutional membership. It was a space open to dialogue and the exchange of points of view regarding the document.

On June 1 we will be holding an open event to continue talking about this initiative and propose ideas and long-term lines of action. More news to come soon!