Our members: Get to know Selva Misionera, Hora de Obrar´s initiative

Crece Selva Misionera is an initiative that seeks to reforest 180,000 trees by 2022. In the first massive action of the year, Hora de Obrar planted 2,500 trees in a protected area of ​​the province of Misiones with great youth participation.

In April, a reforestation day was carried out in the Monte Seguín Ecotourism Reserve, an area that was affected by the 2020 fires. The indigenous Mbya Guaraní Yvyrá Poty community lives in this protected territory.

The coordinator of the Missionary Forest Grow Program, Romario Dohmann, said that “it was four hours of intense planting. Two thousand plants were planted through the project and 500 were donated by the Ministry of Ecology of Misiones ”. He also highlighted the participation of more than 50 young volunteers from Fundación Misión ODS and Junges Netzwerk, organizations dedicated to caring for the environment and complying with the 2030 Agenda.

The mayor of Puerto Rico, Misiones, Carlos Koth stated that: “For us, it is extremely important and valuable and gives us the commitment to care for these tree species.” Likewise, provincial deputy Yamila Ruiz presented a draft declaration of provincial interest in the activity. The municipality of Puerto Rico was in charge of preparing the land and in the future will provide maintenance tasks for the plants to prosper.

“The missionary jungle concentrates the greatest diversity of species of flora and fauna in our country and today it is in danger. Every year, about 2,000 hectares are destroyed, something like 2,800 soccer fields. That is why it is important to reforest the future of our forests today ”, the organization warned.

It is not the first time that reforestation actions involve indigenous communities in Misiones. In 2020, reforestation actions were carried out in the Mbya Tupamba-é community. In addition, a new massive planting day is planned for September 2021.

These actions are part of the Crece Selva Misionera project, through which Hora de Obrar seeks to reforest 300 hectares in the next two years and involve more than 25 missionary municipalities, thanks to the cooperation with Bread for the World (Brot für die Welt ).

The agreement with Fundación Vida Silvestre

Hora de Obrar and Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, one of the leading environmental organizations, signed an agreement in January 2020 to exchange experiences and collaborate in joint actions.

“As member organizations of RACI, it is important to create synergy. We are very happy about this agreement, which seeks that we can support and complement each other in our reforestation actions. Vida Silvestre is working on creating a Green Corridor that connects protected areas so that certain animal species can circulate freely. We will gladly try to collaborate on this project as well ”, expressed Nicolás Rosenthal.

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