RACI 2022 Executive Committee

RACI’s Executive Committee is made up of seven Executive Directors from member organizations of the network. Candidates for the position must self-nominate and are elected by vote in a Members’ Assembly; the term of office is two years, with the possibility of re-election for up to one consecutive term.

This year the nomination process is open, in which each Executive Director of the member organizations of the network may present his/her intention to be part of it. Membership in the committee must guarantee the continuity and coherence of the work done so far. Along with this, it is essential to contribute to the implementation of the annual action plan, which is approved by the Assembly of Members, as well as to develop policy actions in line with those established by the network.

Each executive director, in order to apply, must complete a form and send a letter of intent and, once the first stage is completed, it will be evaluated by the current committee, in its role as an evaluation committee, to determine that the established requirements were met and, after this, the application ends. Throughout this process, RACI generates the necessary mechanisms to guarantee clean and transparent elections.

As indicated in the protocol for the change of committee, the possibility of re-election is only for one term. For this reason, from the RACI team, we would like to thank Daniel Pomerantz – Executive Director of AMIA and current President of the Network – and Marisa Giráldez – General Director of Fundación Banco de Alimentos and our treasurer – for their unparalleled commitment to the organization and for the many achievements made thanks to their contribution and networking during their tenure.