Do you know the REDFED Project?

In RACI we seek to accompany and give visibility to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and their projects, strengthening and promoting actions in the sector with which we try to contribute to the social transformation of Argentina and the region.

In this framework of inter-institutional collaboration, we made progress in the implementation of the SDG Platform in 2017. Through this tool, we seek to democratize access to information on the work of CSOs towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and present them in a visible and clear way to the main public and private actors. Since the launch of the Platform, 226 CSOs have been registered with 393 projects that seek to create a beneficial impact on Argentine society and the region.

In our effort to help meet the goals of the 2030 Agenda, we believe that the dissemination of information from CSOs is essential to inspire an increasing number of organizations to participate and connect with each other. Therefore, we launched a communication campaign that encourages CSOs to share their experiences through the Platform in order to visualize the multiplying impact of civil society towards a change of realities.

As part of our campaign, today we share the experience of Project Educate 2050, an Argentine civil association with more than 12 years of experience working to improve national education and place it among one of the bests in the world by 2050. With this final goal, during the context of the pandemic, the organization launched the Federal Network of Argentine Teachers (REDFED for its initials in Spanish), a nationwide initiative to face some of the adversities arising from the health situation. Along these lines, the initiative aims to create a space that promotes peer exchange and the combined search for solutions to the context of the pandemic; strengthen the pedagogical and technological knowledge and skills of the teaching team; and to promote the dissemination of learning with the educational community.

The Educar 2050 team observed that in order for teachers to be able to develop the teaching and learning process, certain conditions were necessary that were affected by the context of the pandemic, a phenomenon that forced the abandonment of in-person classes.. According to most of the Argentine teachers that were reached, this new educational modality increased the flow of their tasks, as well as the workload. This has been because teachers have had to design, organize and prepare the new educational proposals necessary to reduce the educational impact of the lockdown situation.

Facing this reality, the REDFED project seeks to establish a network of connections, which promotes peer interaction through the creation of a horizontal exchange space. At the same time, the network provides socio-emotional, pedagogical and digital tools to strengthen capacities and respond to the needs of the current teaching activity. The creation of REDFED is based on the networking as a generator of spaces and promoter of exchanges and learning in a collaborative manner, thanks to interaction and dialogue.

Thanks to this initiative and the experience undergone during the pandemic, Educar 2050 has managed to collect numerous learnings that will allow them to continue improving in the educational field. Among them, we can mention the need to generate dynamics that promote interaction between teaching teams; the development of topics linked to the current reality of teaching; and finally, the improvement and adaptation of the schedules of pedagogical activities to new circumstances.

Within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, the project is part of SDG 4, which seeks to achieve inclusive and quality education. REDFED contributes to the achievement of this objective, as it significantly increases the supply of qualified teachers, produces relevant and effective learning outcomes, while ensuring that all students acquire the theoretical knowledge necessary to promote sustainable development.

At RACI, we are very happy to share this story of learning in the framework of sustainable development. We invite you to learn more about this project by accessing the Educar 2050 website and the SDG Platform. If you are looking to register your organization or a new project on the Platform, you can access the following FAQ document: Let’s continue on the path towards a more resilient society in permanent articulation!