Poder Ciudadano and RACI will chair Civil20 (C-20)

Within the framework of the activities of the next G-20 2018, where the Argentina will hold the presidency, Poder Ciudadano and the Argentine Network for International Cooperation (RACI) will be in charge of the Presidency (Chair) and Vice-Presidency (Co-Chair) respectively of the Civil Society 20 group C-20.

In December of this year, Argentina will assume for the first time the presidency of the G-20, thus becoming the seat of one of the most important economic and financial forums in the world that brings together emerging and developed countries to discuss issues concerning the global agenda. From then on, the two civil society organizations will assume the mentioned roles during the one year period.

The C-20 is a specific space for civil society to contribute in a structured and sustained manner to the G-20, ensuring that world leaders listen not only to the voices representing the government and business sectors but also to the proposals and demands of civil society as a whole.

The objective of this group is generating debate spaces, building feasible proposals to be raised to the G-20 working groups, and influencing the political agenda of the forum. For this reason, both Poder Ciudadano and RACI will be the institutions in charge of promoting and ensuring the participation of the C-20 in the meetings prior to the summit.

Argentina’s presidency of the G-20 will be one of the most important international political events in the history of our country, involving endless challenges and opportunities. From Poder Ciudadano and RACI, we take up the challenge of putting at a global level the work experience and commitment of the civil society.