RACI workshops arrive at La Pampa!

With support from Banco Galicia Foundation and TEA Foundation, RACI will conduct the training “Increasing the impact of Civil Society Organizations: Fostering networking and institutional strengthening”. The workshop is aimed to all organizations that wish to know strategies for internal strengthening, and how to generate sustainable alliances with key actors.

The event is totally free and will be held on October 30, 2017, from 9.30am to 3.30pm, in the Sala de la Memoria (Memorial Room) of the Provincial House of Representatives Library, located at Corrientes Street 200, Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.

The objectives of the meeting are to strengthen the CSOs –especially grassroots organizations – so they can access to strategic social development investors in better technical and institutional conditions; and to deepen the national coverage of institutional strengthening activities, in order to contribute to the democratization of information and the training of inland CSOs.

The workshop is open and free of charge, and certificates of attendance will be provided. Previous registration is needed to attend, as there are limited allocations.