RACI’s annual trainings declared of interest

Last Monday, September 18th, the Honorable National House of Representatives declared of interest the workshops given by RACI since 2009, acknowledging its work and contributions to the Civil Society Sector.

The project was presented by national representative Marcelo Weschler and co-signed by representatives Gisela Scaglia, Alicia Besada, Waldo Wolff, Ricardo Spinozzi, Nelly Lagoria, Facundo Garretón, and Liliana Schwindt. The initiative was born from Fernanda Sanoner, ex-volunteer from RACI and current assistant to the Parliamentary Secretary of the PRO bloc in the National House of Representatives.

Through its workshops, and thanks to the support of different allies, RACI promotes the democratization of information and broaden its work areas in a constant effort to maintain the federalization of the Network.

With more than 10 years of work, RACI aims to strengthen the third sector; empowering it as a change-maker and producer of new initiatives that contribute to the social transformation of the country.

We thank the interest of the representatives and the effort of Fernanda for their contribution to the dissemination of RACI’s work.

Let’s keep building the Network!