Our 2023 membership process has closed!

During the month of May, our membership was open to incorporate new Civil Society Organizations interested in joining our network, a diverse collective that works together towards an independent, strong, and sustainable civil society.

Prior to the start of the process, two informative webinars were held on April 12th and 26th, where we shared information about our work and the benefits of being part of our network. A significant number of organizations expressed their interest after participating in these events. We are thrilled with the positive response and look forward to collaborating with all these organizations in the future.

Following the closure of the membership on May 31st, we are delighted to share that over 40 organizations have completed the membership process, reinforcing our commitment to growth and evolution as a network.

During the month of June, the profiles of the organizations will be evaluated and approved by the Assembly, in order to formally welcome them to the Network in July.

At RACI, we value diversity of ideas and collaboration among professionals from different fields. With each new member, our network grows stronger, creating opportunities for knowledge exchange and the strengthening of civic space.

We remain committed to providing relevant and high-quality content to our members.

Thank you for being part of our network!