The call for applications for the 2023 Southern Cone Innovation Lab has closed

On May 24, we closed the call for participation in our innovation lab for the Southern Cone. With over 30 applicants, participants will work on the development of innovative tools and approaches to address the social challenges of the region. Our goal is to foster the creation of sustainable and impactful solutions that benefit local communities.

Once the call for applications is closed, the selected teams will be notified via email and will then participate in a Design Thinking workshop on Wednesday, June 21 in the morning. Various experts in the field will provide them with specific tools for the development of their prototypes.

The Innovation Lab will last for three days (June 21-23) where experts will present data and information to contextualize the problem, as well as success stories from other labs. There will also be spaces for consultations, along with facilitators and mentors who will accompany the entire process to ensure that each of the ideas presented as a prototype meets the requirements for application to the seed fund.

Afterwards, each team will have additional time between June 23 and June 28 to improve their prototypes, which will be presented on June 29.

The top five prototypes will be selected to participate in a virtual incubation process where they will be further developed through workshops and sessions with specialists, allowing for testing and improvement to present them as viable projects for potentially receiving further funding. Additionally, the top three prototypes will receive a seed fund of USD 1,500.

The labs, as part of the Innovation for Change initiative, are spaces for training and creative learning for organizations, aiming to promote practical and viable solutions to the challenges faced by the region.

We are excited to work together and promote the development of innovative solutions that address regional challenges. The Innovation Labs are an excellent opportunity to strengthen the work of our organizations and generate positive impact in our communities.