Get to know the winners of the Innovation Fund 2023!

We are pleased to introduce the eight outstanding organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean that have been selected as winners of the Innovation Fund. This initiative, within the framework of Innovation for Change, aims to support projects that address challenges in key areas such as promoting enabling environments, inclusive democracy and civic participation, actions against disinformation, transparency, and accountability. Additionally, the organizations will receive funding of up to USD 8,000 (eight thousand US dollars) to carry out their projects.

The selection of the winning projects was based on various criteria, including the organization’s profile, project feasibility, project characteristics, budget, as well as innovation and sustainability.

We invite you to meet them!

Fundación Salvadoreña Para El Desarrollo Económico Y Social (El Salvador): Project – Young Leaders for Citizenship and Social Action.

Centro De Investigación Para La Acción Femenina (Dominican Republic): Project – Education and Awareness Program to Counter Hate Speech in the Dominican Republic.

Fundación Comunitaria Centro De Información Y Recursos Para El Desarrollo (CIRD) (Paraguay): Project – Young Protagonists of Campo Aceval.

Octaedro (Ecuador): Project – Strengthening Local Transparency Committees.

Instituto Para La Promoción De La Paz Y El Desarrollo (Costa Rica): Project – Observatory for Academic Freedom in Nicaragua.

Fundación La Voz Pública Para La Verificación Del Discurso Público (Chequeado) (Argentina): Project – Unveiling Disinformation, an interactive educational innovation project on disinformation.

Gobierno Y Análisis Político Asociación Civil (Mexico): Project – Toolbox for Good Citizen Practices in Managing Communication Complexity.

Fundación Gaia Pacha (Bolivia): Project – Demonstration Space for Environmental Education to Influence Adolescents and Youth in Climate Resilience.

We wish the organizations success in implementing their projects and appreciate their interest in finding innovative and creative solutions!