Last Membership Meeting of the year!

José Luis Barrios, a volunteer in RACI’s membership area, shared his experience regarding this year’s final directors’ meeting. 

“In this encounter I was able to get to know on a personal level many of RACI’s team members, and the main representatives of the Civil Society Organizations that are also members of the network. As a student of International Relations I understand that cooperation is a fundamental factor in an increasingly interconnected world; and in this sense, I was able to observe first hand the importance of these assemblies, where RACI showed with total transparency the objectives, research, and concerns of all those present, showing clearly that they have distinct goals to achieve its objectives,” said José.

In this meeting participants discussed, among other topics, the mid-term evaluation of the network’s five-year strategic plan, a review of the activities carried out from July to October 2023, as well as the presentation of RACI’s Past Presidents’ Committee and a joint reflection on the country’s situation and the electoral context.

“At all times we wanted those in attendance to share their feedback on what was presented and to hear all ideas about future objectives and what has been done throughout the year in order to improve even further. Among the actions that RACI has carried out over the year, I would like to highlight one that demonstrates the commitment to the members of the network: the visits to CSOs. I found this very interesting as it allows RACI to see the state of the network members in order to help strengthen them, as well as to listen to their recommendations. Finally, I can only say thank you for this great experience which allowed me to be part of RACI, it was very nice to see how RACI cares about its members and maintains a dialogue with everyone to improve day by day”. concluded José.