SDGs in Motion: Conversations on the 2030 Agenda

In November, the conversation on the 2030 Agenda took place, evaluating the actions implemented and the challenges in the continuous search for actions to promote human rights in Argentina. During this event, the presentation of the RACI/UN SDG Platform was highlighted and the challenges and successes in the implementation of the SDGs by NGOs such as Cultura de Trabajo, Pata Pila and Fundeps were discussed.

The event included the participation of the UN, represented by Tamara Hahnt, Director of the UN Office in Argentina, who addressed the update of the new SDG agenda in the country. In addition, Pablo Basz, Strategic Partnerships and Development Finance Officer, shared the importance of Argentina’s commitment and highlighted the relevance of actions at the local level.

During the discussion, the three dimensions of sustainable development in Argentina were explored: economy, development and environment. This has been part of the 2030 Agenda since January 2016, with the aim of eradicating poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring peace and prosperity for citizens.

Outstanding Achievements in Argentina: Ownership, Adaptation, Federalization, Territorialization

Pablo Basz emphasized the importance of Argentina’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda and the need for follow-up and review of the implementation of the goals. Territorial importance was highlighted, as development policies generated more direct impacts and mechanisms as a basis for citizen participation to be implemented.

SDG-RACI Platform: Democratizing Information

Through RACI, the SDG-RACI Platform was created in August 2017. It aims to democratize information on the work of Civil Society Organizations in Argentina. To date, 421 projects have been developed.

Significant NGO Actions in Relation to the SDGs

The foundations Cultura de Trabajo, Pata Pila and Fundeps presented their actions focused on the SDGs:

Cultura de Trabajo highlighted its work equalizing opportunities in access to employment, and discussed its efforts with the SDGs: End Poverty, Gender Equality and Reducing Inequalities.

Pata Pila, a foundation that works to address the problems affecting families living in extreme poverty in Argentina, explained how to address these structural problems from three axes: following the SDG guidelines in: nutrition and human promotion, social economy and entrepreneurship, infrastructure works and access to water.

Fundeps, an organization that aims to promote public policies on human rights, based on the SDGs: Health and Well-Being, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Underwater Life, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, and Partnerships for Achieving Goals.

This event reaffirmed the commitment of Raci and the country’s NGOs to the 2030 Agenda and highlighted the remarkable progress and challenges in the implementation of the SDGs in Argentina.

 We thank all participants for contributing to this meaningful dialogue!