Our Members: Semillero Digital and CADENA Argentina

Discover Semillero Digital, a path to an inclusive digital future!

We met with the team at Semillero Digital, which is dedicated to empowering economically disadvantaged youth through the digital revolution. 

The organization’s goal is clear: to open the doors to the digital workforce so that everyone, regardless of their social background, can improve their quality of life by harnessing the potential of technology.

The organization is dedicated to providing free education in cutting-edge digital disciplines such as digital marketing and e-commerce. But it doesn’t stop there. It accompanies young people in vulnerable situations in their search for employment in the digital world, especially those who lack the resources to access this training. How does it do this? Through strategic partnerships with committed organizations that already work in the most needy neighborhoods and provide training for young people’s employability.

At Semillero Digital, volunteerism is a fundamental part of its success. It invites professionals to join its teaching and mentoring team. This creates an enriching environment for students as they have access to quality teachers, dedicated mentors, and a talented team to guide them through their transition at Semillero. This process of learning, training and development culminates with the achievement of their first formal digital job.

The community of professionals at Semillero Digital shares a deep belief that decent work and education are fundamental rights, not exclusive privileges. 

CADENA: Changing realities through humanitarian aid

We met with the CADENA Argentina team where we talked about their work, projects and goals.

CADENA, a non-profit civic association, is committed to preventing and responding to crises and disasters around the world by providing direct aid to those who need it most.

To be part of CADENA is to dare to change the world through humanitarian aid.

The organization’s mission is to promote a culture of prevention and inclusion to transform realities and build resilient, just and equitable communities for all.

 The organization carries out mano a mano missions, challenging indifference and seeking the active participation of people in the process of change for those most in need. 

CADENA has a rescue team, “Go Team”, trained in Israel and composed of 40 active members highly trained in all types of rescue operations. In addition, CADENA implements programs to rebuild homes, medical centers and schools affected by crises and disasters around the world. It also provides vital support for the economic recovery of affected areas.