Join the collective voice! Diversidad Visible is out, a survey about diversity in organizations co-created with the Diversities Work Team of our network

Do we really have diverse and plural work teams? Does the work environment present in our organization celebrate differences? What  could we improve? And what points of view are we not taking into account? 

We are honored to present Diversidad Visible, an invitation to collective reflection on how we are as social organizations. At RACI, we are fully convinced that there is still a lot to do in our organizations and we believe that it is our duty as Civil Society to be agents of change and to work tirelessly to continue amplifying voices and to challenge exclusion more and more every day.


The survey was co-created by the Research Area and the Diversities Work Team of our network, composed of 19 organizations that address Human Rights on different neuralgic fronts of diversity. It collects the concerns, questions, debates, analysis and reflections that its member organizations raised throughout this year.

Starting from the base of the Epistemologies of the South and, always understanding that all knowledge is collectively co-created, the research seeks to carry out a contribution to the inquiry on the main challenges for diversity in social organizations today. The research will cover Latin America and the Caribbean, the survey being available in four languages for 34 countries in the region.

We hope that this proposal has a great reception, in aim to generate quality information in the construction of a more diverse future for all. For more information about the research, click here.