We are at the closing stage of the first phase of the New Zealand Fund in Mexico!

Between November 15th and 25th, 2021 the New Zealand Fund in Mexico 2021-2022 was open. The Fund supports sustainable development in developing countries with the objective of reducing poverty and make the world a safe, prosperous and fair place to live.

During this period of time, RACI received and systematized 278 applications from Mexico (203), Guatemala (18), El Salvador (28), Nicaragua (5), Costa Rica (5), Panama (2), Dominican Republic (14), and Cuba (3).   

The applications were based on the following axes:

  • 147 promote the Development of Communities, particularly indigenous and rural.
  • 94 projects focus on Climate Change and Resilience.
  • 93 are linked to Sustainable and Agriculture Development.
  • 90 work Education axis.
  • 30 of Migration.
  • 21 projects based on the LGBTQ+ Community.

Next step of the process:

As phase 1 of the application is closed, RACI team will be analyzing the concept notes received. A pre-selection will be done to determinate those projects that satisfy the Fund requirements and criteria. The pre-selected organizations will be notified by email on December 9th and will be invited to participate on a second phase where they will be required to present an Extended Application Form. 

All applications must be submitted as follows: 

  1. The form named “Form 02 – Extended Application Form” will be sent by email to the pre-selected organizations.
  2. Download and complete application. The form must be:
    1. Written in Spanish.
    2. Accompanied by additional information, budget, goods and services suppliers purchase orders.
    3. Signed by a responsible member of the requesting organization. 
    4. Presented in editable Word or PDF format.
  3. Send “Form 02 – Extended Application Form” document. 

The reception period for those pre-selected organizations to send the Extended Application Form will be open from December 13th to 23th, 6:00 pm (Mexico City time).  

During this period, RACI team will be open to receive inquiries and assist pre-selected organizations through the email:

For more information about the Fund, visit our news