Do You Know Our SDGs Platform?

In 2017, RACI, together with Cablevisión-Fibertel and the United Nations, launched the SDG Platform, from which it is possible for civil society organizations (CSOs) to visualize their projects in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Today, after 5 years of learning, we are in the process of giving it a new impetus and we want you to join us in the transformation.

The platform was created with the aim of democratizing the information about the work of Civil Society Organizations in the country towards the SDGs and making it visible in the eyes of key public and private actors. It should be noted that the SDGs are part of the United Nations New Development Agenda and involve a comprehensive approach to the entire human development process, to achieve fairer, more democratic, and participatory societies. Following this orientation, organizations can register in it in a very simple way and thus obtain greater visibility and impact by bringing information about their projects closer to cooperation agents and the general public. 


Currently, more than 165 CSOs have registered and more than 380 projects implemented throughout the country have been integrated into the portal. About its functionalities, it is possible to group projects or CSOs in the Platform according to different criteria to facilitate their search (objective, target population, SDG to which it contributes, or geographic location in the country). All this fills us with enthusiasm and motivates us to continue disseminating the results of the dedication of each organization in our country and the region. 

After years of growth, it is time to redouble our efforts. That is why we seek from now on to highlight cross-sectoral linkages to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda, in order to inspire an increasing number of organizations who share their experiences, and to promote the Platform’s potential on a regional scale. This is a path that we walk together and we invite you to visualize the multiplying impact of civil society in pursuit of a change of realities.

We invite you to visit our platform and upload your organization’s projects by visiting the website!