We Innovate to Change the Reality of Our Region

Cross-sectoral cooperation for disruptive solutions at the regional level to enable communities in Latin America and the Caribbean to build a prosperous future. Based on this premise, the Regional Executive Committee (REC) meeting of the Innovation for Change Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean (I4C LAC HUB) was held on February 22-24. Looking at the achievements made and at the challenges to be solved, social innovation builds bridges in the region.

At RACI, we are part of Innovation for Change (I4C), a global network of organizations and individuals working together to protect and secure our civic space and overcome restrictions on fundamental freedoms. To achieve these objectives, this entity has 7 regional centers around the world. The main objective of this Network is to generate creative solutions to strengthen civil society organizations and coordinate efforts with other sectors such as academia, social entrepreneurs and multilateral agencies.

In the region, Innovation for Change has a comprehensive strategy aimed at its different communities. As part of the intense agenda of the Center, the realization of Innovation Laboratories, Webinars on capacity building, Civic Conversations, Research on the state of civil society and the implementation of the community collaborative economy platform can be highlighted. Together, these projects have contributed to understanding the reality of civil organizations in the region, co-creating solutions and positioning themselves in the global I4C network.

An essential element of this cooperation agenda has been the REC meeting in Buenos Aires, in which representatives of Youth Against Violence (Guatemala), Alianza ONG (Dominican Republic) and Grupo FARO (Ecuador) joined us with their participation. During the work days, we managed to report on the progress made during 2021, plan a joint work path in 2022 and redefine the identity pillars that support said actions. Similarly, this event was intended to renew the dialogue within the Center and with the allies with which we build our projects and thus achieve palpable results in the different communities of the region.

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