DIGNA: CIVICUS’ New Group for Diversity and Inclusion

In July, RACI took part in the official launch of “DIGNA” (Diversity and Inclusion for the Creation of Networks and Actions). DIGNA is CIVICUS’ work project, whose primary goal is to understand, conceptualize and identify innovative practices that are able to adopt diversity and inclusion in different areas, themes and models amongst the workplace.

DIGNA offers a space for different representatives, activists and allies of the civil society the chance to speak, debate, analyze and share not only ideas, but resources, tools, and practices linked to diversity and inclusion in networks and organizations. Furthermore, it is a safe space for the members to offer mutual support, work towards strengthening organizational processes and structures and share work methods that have an impact on the focus of diversity and inclusion. To achieve these goals, the group relies on a channel of help, support and collaboration.

RACI, through our Deputy Director, Juliana Catania, also took part in an advisory group. She collaborated with the DIGNA Community as a discussion moderator with the rest of the members of the group, comprised of representatives from many different countries.

There is no doubt that those taking part in this group are activists and agents of change who have passion for strengthening an inclusive and diverse civil society. You are invited to join the group on Facebook: