Seminar on Public Participation in the Australian Embassy

On July 15th, the seminar “The Creators of Change” was held at the Australian Embassy in Buenos Aires. This event was organized by RACI together with the Australian Embassy and the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). The meeting allowed us to reflect on democratic life and the different practices of public participation around the world.

On this occasion, the emerging sublevel of IAP2, IAP Latin America, was presented. The seminar was led by Martin de los Ríos, a certified professor in the IAP2 Australasia courses and Coordinator of the Latin American Committee of the IAP2.

At the beginning of the seminar, some interesting themes were addressed, such as the practice of public participation amongst citizens, its main promoters and deliberative democracy. Afterwards, an exposition was held which focused on the core values of IAP2, with a goal of encouraging the practice of public participation in organizations throughout Argentina. As a result, experiences were shared and tools for viable and effective citizen participation were developed.

The meeting concluded by reflecting on the infrastructure components necessary for democracy to create spaces of participation. We examined the many diverse ways of how to enact change to the systems in order to achieve greater effectiveness in citizen participation.

We invite you to learn more about IAP2 by visiting their website.