AGNA’s reunion in Jordan

Between the 12th and 13th of June, The Anual General Reunion of AGNA was held by Affinity Group of National Associations, in which RACI participated with other networks from different parts of the world that are also members of CIVICUS. The reunion took place in Amman, Jordan.

During the first reunion the discussions were centered on the state of AGNA, but also issues related to transparency and legitimacy were addressed, and how the networks can become more resistant.

During the second day there was an introduction to the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region. Also, the role of the national platforms was discussed to represent the Civil Society. Issues about Diversity and Inclusion were also talked about.

Finally, the last reunion was oriented on AGNA’s priorities and the upcoming Committee elections were announced.

This space allows the different networks to dialog between each other, think and propose solutions to the collective problems, as well as analyze what the state of the Civil Society today is. For RACI this is an opportunity to keep on generating links  and building networks on the international level.