Are you familiar with the programs of Educar 2050?

Educar 2050 is a civil organization with more than ten years of experience, dedicated to raising awareness about the significance of quality education and the impact of public policies as they strive towards transformative education in Argentina.  Educar 2050 has been a member of RACI since 2013, and this month, we wanted to inform you of their ongoing work and projects, as well as some of their forthcoming challenges. Then, you’ll know everything about what they do!

#YoVotoEducación (#IVoteEducation)

This is an initiative that aims to unite Argentines behind a dream:  that education becomes one of the biggest social and political priorities in Argentina.  In the span of an election year, we aim to raise awareness amongst voters to emphasize the significance of quality education and how important it is for the future of our country.  All of us together demand better education.  This campaign promotes information, dialogue, and consensus.  Look at some references and join here!

MEDIAR: Dialogue Tables for Learning in Argentina

In the framework of the campaign #YoVotoEducación, we opened the doors of our office to generate new spaces of dialogue that propose conversation about education with specific references, specialists and prominent personalities from all over the Argentine political and social span. The objective is to construct a consensus dialogue and register voters in order to prepare a formal document that will be presented to the next candidates. This will continue for much of the next year, as we work to create the aforementioned document that will contain not only our visions, but also the diverse voices directly or indirectly involved with our education. Look who participated at the moment here.

REDUCA: Regional Meeting of Ministers of Education of Latin America

Educar 2050 held the role of General Secretariat of REDUCA, which is the Latin American Network for Education. They coordinated with the Ministry of National Education of Colombia, the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This meeting took place at the beginning of June in Bogotá and was attended by the President of Colombia, Iván Duque.  Additionally, there was representation from the Ministries of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, among other remarkable personalities of the educational field.

Progress Report on Early Childhood Policies

Aiming to collaborate with the Regional Agenda for the Integral Development of Early Childhood, alongside other instrumental organizations such as El Diálogo, the Center of Implementation for Public Policies for Equality and Growth (CIPECC), the Navarro Viola Foundation and OEI, we held a National Consultation Workshop in March.  This was attended by over 30 more civil organizations in Argentina. Finally, we were able to translate all of our work into a report that we presented on June 5th in a meeting that brought together the press, educational leaders, organizations, multinational institutions.


Business Council for Education Educar 2050 (CEPLEE)

This is a space that brings together several professionals, entrepreneurs and business practitioners from organizations that share the same motivation in education among our Republic. We want the different sectors of society to approach the educational reality and to work together to improve quality, inclusion, and equity. In the last quarterly meeting, we hosted Mariano Narodowski as our guest speaker.

First Education

Thirty-four civil organizations came together in the National Library to present the document: “Without education there is no future. The future depends on education”. You can access this document here. We also still continue to work within a network that is based on different action plans to be implemented in the current year.

Coalition for Legislative Transparency

The Foundation for Direct Legislation is a coalition comprised of legislators, academics, journalists and civil organizations to advance a common agenda. This agenda promotes transparency in the National Congress. Educar 2050 is an active member of the aforementioned coalition.



Annual Food

On Thursday, August 22 we will be holding our eighth annual meal event, and we would love you to join us to say #YoVotoEducación! You can buy your ticket here.

Forums of Quality Education

We are coordinating agendas to carry out, as we have been doing for several years, for the National Forum in Buenos Aires and forums in different provinces of the country. Education is important for ALL people in Argentina!

Participative Spaces

This is a new proposal that seeks to build a joint multisectoral agenda on major issues that face provincial education, complete with thorough plans to address these problems. This second semester will be carried out in four different provinces in Argentina.