Regional Meeting of Socioenvironmental Projects

RACI recently participated in the Regional Meeting of Socioenvironmental projects, which was organized by the Programa de Pequeñas Donaciones (Small Donations Program) and Red Comunidades Rurales (Network of Rural Communities).

The meeting was held largely in order to close the application process for the Small Grants Program fund. The organizations that applied for these grants were mainly community-based organizations, based in the Argentine provinces of Misiones, Chaco and Corrientes. Each is mainly working with issues of environmental care, access to water, the role of women and various community ventures and projects.

During the conference, there were presentations given based on the experiences of prior cooperation and projects that meet the goals of the program. The winning projects were explained and then analyzed for educational purposes. RACI themselves prepared an exhibition on the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) and the ODS platform we use to upload projects.

The participation of our organization in this event is the product of an alliance with the Network of Rural Communities. Through them, the projects of the winning organizations were incorporated into our ODS platform. This platform aims to give greater visibility to the projects carried out by civil societies in response to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participation in this meeting was incredibly beneficial, not only to publicize our work and platform, but also as a way to increase networking, strengthen the link between diverse actors, and amplify the actions of organizations working in the area. It was a tremendous way to study the connection between local and international agendas.