How can philanthropy help to solve inequality?

The economic inequality seems to be increasing. Last year half of the poorest population became poorer, meanwhile, multi-millionaire became richer in the same percentage. Although there is a big awareness growth of inequality increase, there is not a huge public participation with the topic. The guilt of this problem should not fall on people in the power; the responsibility is in the unequal and unfair system that needs an urgent reform. The most effective way of solving this problem is a long-term economic change.

The objective, by preference is using philanthropy, not as a tool to relieve manifestations about poverty; otherwise, it can be used as a tool to restore their underlying causes. Philanthropy’s work must be at the back up scene to make a change with politics.

There are three reasons to highlight philanthropy’s role:

  • Trusts and foundations enjoy a unique and privileged point of view, because they have a higher vision that alouds them to identify patterns that sometimes organizations cannot see while they are working at the field.
  • Private philanthropy may have some risks; they can treat unpopular problems or treat topics that other people cannot treat.
  • Philanthropists have the freedom to think in long term because OCS, in their way of searching founds, must focus in projects that are more tangible.

The private philanthropy and civil society need a work relationship that goes beyond the financial terms. Private philanthropy exists in a place where they can support and encourage the efforts with better sovereignty and freedom than NGOS, national and international institutions. Furthermore, another important topic about private philanthropy is that, it is seen as more credible for the managers that take decisions than NGOS voices when you talk about the world of politic decisions.

Although International Politic Institutions and NGOS work for structural economic change in different countries, the private philanthropy may be a more accessible option to promote the reduction of inequality until the world can be a place where a massive scale economic change can be done.