A very special visit told by Natalia

Within the framework of the visits made by RACI to learn more about its partner organizations, the Legislative Directory Foundation made a very special invitation: visit the National Congress.

But this time we do not want to tell the experience by ourselves but we asked Natalia Pérez León, a volunteer from the RACI team, to tell us how she lived this outing.

The visits organized by RACI within the framework of interns and volunteers’ program are usually held at the headquarters of the Members of the Network. But the November 2018 visit was very special: the first visit of RACI to the Argentine National Congress, with the Legislative Directory Foundation, and my first approach to parliamentary dynamics in South America.

It was an exciting journey from the beginning for the beauty of the building and its interiors – made partially by the creator of the emblematic Teatro Colón -, visiting both chambers while being guided with the double exposition of the official guide of the National Congress and the Foundation guide. This allowed to draw the details that constitute the parliamentary dynamics, making possible the discussion and adoption of laws representative of the popular will. Without it being a perfect system, it is admirable that it works today despite the ups and downs that Argentine democratic history has had.

Accessibility to the Legislative Power – either through guided or institutional visits such as the offered by the Foundation and RACI – is vital for the formation of values within the people in the territory of any country. Bearing in mind that many of the volunteers in RACI are foreigners, we must remember that we are subject to the laws of this country – whether as tourists or residents – and therefore we are also interested in the functioning of the democratic institutions of this nation.

I greatly appreciate having made this visit, not having had the same possibility in my country of origin. Thus, the exchange we make through RACI helps to reinforce those civic values that every State needs for its better future, even from the small scale of a volunteering program.

We want to thank the Executive Director of the Legislative Board, Noel Alonso Murray for guiding the whole visit and Natalia for sharing her experience with us and for the great work she does in RACI.