Civil Society accomplished the handover of the C20 to Japan

Last December 3rd, the ceremony of the handover of the affinity group Civil 20 took place in the Instituto del Servicio Exterior de la Nacion. The organization Poder Ciudadano in its role of Chair and RACI as the Co Chair of the C20 handed formally the representation of the group to the Japanese organization that will preside during 2019.

Yuka Iwatsvki, president of ACE (Action against Child Explotation), assumed her responsibility as Chair during the presidency of the G20 in Japan. On the other hand, Masaki Inaba will be Sherpa of the Civil 20, taking the lead delegated by Maria Emilia Berazategui who occupied the role in Argentina.

The event was done with the accompaniment of the Organizations of Civil Society that worked arduously during the whole process of the creation and presentation of the recommendations given to the leaders of states. Also, there was a high-level panel in which the Sherpa of the G20, Pedro Villagra Delgado, and the Deputy of the Finance Track, Laura Jaitman, evaluated the unfolding of Argentina in its most relevant international event, the positioning that the event meant for the country, and the lessons learned after a year of cross sectional alliances under the scope of the world.