Official launch of Innovation for Change Latin America and the Caribbean

After four years of work with partner organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, the RACI team traveled to Mexico for what was the official launch of Innovation for Change.

The event was held in Mexico City on November 15 and 16 as part of a meeting attended by over one hundred guests representing the private sector, public and civil society, from more than 30 countries.

The launch included recreational instances, trainings and co-creation dynamics that promoted partnership work and forged new collaborative relationships for the future. All the activities of the meeting remained framed in the strategic axis of sustainability traversed by philanthropic actors, companies and technology.

During the two days of work the guests were able to experience typical shows of the Mexican culture, listen to high level panelists and elaborate projects that were then presented to be financed by small donation programs aimed at innovation in the region. The topics stipulated for the development of these proposals were: Citizen mobilization for social change, new economic models, sustainability of organizations, digital security, transparency and accountability, anti-corruption, defense and promotion of Human Rights, and civic technology.

Innovation for Change is a global network of people and organizations that want to connect, associate and learn together to defend and strengthen the civic space. The network has more than 5,000 members and regional centers in 7 sub-regions of the world.

The mission is to strengthen civil society organizations and support them to be self-sustaining and innovative. Diversity is part of the essence of the initiative and, together with all the members, the center organizes different instances of collaborative work such as innovation laboratories, hackathons, digital security training, fundraising workshops, among others.