Building Alliances for Change: Good Deeds Day and Kettering Foundation

Good Deeds Day 

From October 29 to November 1, 2023, the Good Deeds Day Regional Conference was held in Costa Rica.

Representatives of civil society organizations and individuals committed to the slogan participated, as well as leaders of incredible initiatives from all over Latin America and the Caribbean. There were very enriching workshops, conferences and panels and we came back full of energy and ideas to take DBA to another level in our country.

Some of the topics we covered were: 

  • Sustainable volunteering.
  • High-impact project planning.
  • Strengthening of networks and alliances.
  • Problem-solving group dynamics to achieve dynamic and sustainable volunteerism in a changing society.

Among the most outstanding panels was the one on “Alliances with the Business Sector”, which offered different ways to approach and involve the private sector in our projects. Another very enriching panel was “How to raise funds and not die trying” offered by Salvador Sanchez (Majocca Foundation- Mexico) and Carlos Madrid (Independent Consultant- Mexico).

The Giving Tuesday representative from Brazil spoke about generosity in Latam and how we can connect with the program. RACI participated in the panel “Partnerships with Governments” with colleagues from Peru, Mexico and Paraguay.

At the end of the event, all delegations participated in a volunteer activity that consisted of assembling backpacks with school supplies for children from underprivileged areas. We counted on the presence of the children who would receive the backpacks, and they themselves participated in this “Marathon”. 

Kettering Foundation Gathers World Leaders in Auckland to promote inclusive democracy.

In a momentous event organized by the Kettering Foundation, leaders and professionals committed to promoting inclusive democracy gathered in Auckland, New Zealand. This globally significant event brought together diverse experts and representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs), including RACI.

The event addressed the contemporary challenges facing democracy. Key discussions were held on concrete strategies to foster civic participation and strengthen democratic institutions in an increasingly complex and changing world.

RACI’s participation as a network of civil society organizations was instrumental in enriching the dialogue and sharing experiences and perspectives from Argentina and the region. 

The event, which culminated in a series of commitments and action plans, reaffirms the commitment of the Kettering Foundation and its partners to promoting inclusive democracy and strengthening communities around the world globally.