Join us for another edition in the series of dialogues!

The Regional Center of Innovation for Change in Latin America and the Caribbean continues with the cycle of multi-actor roundtable discussions.

As with each new forum, the next meeting will consist of brief presentations by leading figures from Latin America and the Caribbean with the aim of motivating and generating enriching conversations, with innovating proposals and alternatives that improve and enhance the democratic practices in our countries. After the presentations, it is proposed a round table discussion with the participation of the audience, based on dynamics that favor a genuine dialogue, open and inclusive communication of all voices in order to achieve a better consensus.

On this opportunity, we invite you to join us for the third encounter:

Dialogue 3: Democracy and Rights. Human Rights. Environmental Rights. November 30, 2023. From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (GMT -3)

The topics to consider will be the relationship between democracy, human rights and environmental rights as well as the different situations in the region, the challenges, risks, and opportunities.

The conversations shall be done virtually through Zoom and will be held in Spanish.

Register here.