You can participate in Pulso Cívico until July 29!

As part of the ongoing collaboration that RACI carries out to strengthen Civil Society, this year the Network launches “Pulso Cívico – Survey of Leaders and Referents of Argentine Civil Society” whose objective is carry out a diagnostic study of the state of current Civil Society.

Pulso Cívico is a research project based on a quarterly frequency survey conducted over 12 months, with a view to gathering reliable and comparative information about the perception of the current state of civil society. This survey aims to analyze variables such as enabling space, the transparency and the type of difficulties faced by organizations, in addition to the conditions in which leaders and referents of the sector perform.

This project was originally launched in 2016 by the World Alliance for the Citizen Participation (CIVICUS) and replicated in more than twenty countries. On that occasion, RACI was the Network in charge of carrying out the pilot in Argentina.

The purpose of this study is to be able to access the perception of the leaders and referents of the third sector, allowing to identify the main tendencies of the Civil Society. Through this survey, it will be possible to map both the main difficulties and threats to which organizations are exposed, as well as the main tools and potentials that each one has.

The survey can be answered by more than one person from the same organization. Civil Society Organizations can participate, such as: Civil Associations, Foundations, Religious Entities, Mutuals, Cooperatives, Cooperators, Networks, Alliances and Federations, Neighbourhood Centers, Retirement Centers, Mutual Aid Associations, Development Societies, Popular Libraries, Universities and other educational establishments, Research Institutes, Neighbourhood Clubs or Sport Associations, Think Tanks, Business Foundations, Social Enterprises or Professional (unions), Grassroot Organizations, Community Organizations, Organizations linked to a community/nationality/ethnic origin, Organizations dedicated to cultural or artistic development and Charities/Assistance Organizations.

To complete the survey, access to the link available here.