RACI participated in the interregional event of Innovation for Change

Throughout the week, part of the RACI team travelled to Alamty city in Kazakhstan as part of the Innovation for Change Latin America and the Caribbean, where they participated of the Interregional Meeting of centers from all over the world.

The event which was attended by more than 100 people, took place between June 18th and 21st with the aim of generating spaces for exchange and learning between the different regions in face of potentials initiatives that could arise. Through agile methodologies, co-designed sessions, evaluation models and spaces that allowed expressing the difficulties and preoccupations of each center, a creative and entrepreneurial with great challenges as results was achieved.

Innovation for Change LAC is an initiative in which RACI, in joint with the NGO Alliance organizations, Grupo FARO and Jóvenes contra la Violencia, has been working for more than 3 years, becoming increasingly involve in the concerns identified by the region: sustainability, transparency and enabling space.

From the Network, the team provides support to the activities carried out in order to unify the work of the Social Organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean.