Our 2020 Yearbook is now available!

In a year as challenging as this one, RACI managed to carry out a marked agenda, exceeding expectations for 2020. 

Below, we inform you about the activities that the Network was able to carry out thanks to the support of its members and allies. 

Institutional Development

During 2020, the Executive Committee Elections, which are held every two years, were celebrated. This election was notable for having a record number of candidates, which reflected the growth and diversity of the Network. The election process began in July and ended in October, when the winners were announced and the Executive Committee 2020 – 2022 was formed by Daniel Pomerantz, Mariela Belski, Marisa Giraldez, Manuel Jaramillo, Natalia Gherardi, Diego Aguilar and Virgilio Gregorini.

At the same time, we carried out our year-end campaign #ArticularParaFortalecer, which aimed to review the enormous work done by Civil Society this year. Testimonials and videos from more than 15 member organizations were shared through Social Networks in order to continue promoting the culture of networking and give visibility to the work of CSOs.

During 2020 RACI collaborated with the allocation of resources to Civil Society in Argentina and the region, assisting actors linked to International Cooperation and Local Private Social Investment in the selection of social projects to obtain funding. 

In addition, internal trainings for the team were carried out to improve the performance of the tasks along several workshops and webinars exclusively to strengthen Civil Society Organizations in the following areas: Strategic Planning, Social Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, Digital Marketing, Transparency, among others.

One of our greatest achievements in 2020 was to have been able to consolidate RACI Canada, a strategic space that will allow us to continue strengthening organizations in the region.


One of RACI’s main lines of work to strengthen Civil Society is articulation, accompanied by the dissemination and visibility of the different activities. In this sense, in 2020, more than 600 events and meetings were held with different actors of society. Among them are the Dialogues with UN Argentina on the Strategic Framework of Cooperation for Sustainable Development, the Presentation of the Directory of Local Private Social Investment, the launching of the Civic Perspective on COVID-19, a survey to record qualitative and quantitative information on how the pandemic impacted on actions and target populations.

Meanwhile, within the framework of Innovation for Change, of which RACI is a member of the Regional Executive Committee, various activities were carried out to share tools and spaces for dialogue among organizations in the region.


As every year, RACI opened its membership during the month of May, virtually welcoming the 14 organizations that decided to start working in the network. 

In 2020, the Administrators Group was inaugurated as an initiative of the members of the network to exchange strategies in relation to the administration and finances of the organizations. 

In turn, RACI organized a cycle of Multisectoral Unconferences; spaces for unstructured dialogues, where the participants were the protagonists, which enabled the exchange of information and ideas among participants and representatives of the different sectors related to sustainable development and resource mobilization. 


In this regard, RACI developed various research projects and studies such as: Directory of Local Private Investment, Perspective on Covid-19, Creation of Covid-19 Observatory, Completion of the survey and updating of the Guide to Services for Organizations, Completion of the survey on public resources for social organizations at the national level, among others.

We invite you to read the complete yearbook by clicking here.