Planning a new year, planning new opportunities

During the days of January 28 and 29 of the year 2021, the RACI team held strategic planning sessions, laying the foundations that will enable the network to face the challenges of a new year. The sessions allowed for a review of the main lessons learned in 2020, departing from them to holistically apprehend the issues that RACI must incorporate, modify, preserve or improve over the course of this new year. 

In parallel, strategic planning made it possible to draw up RACI’s main objectives for 2021, based on the work axes established in the 2020-2025 strategic planning. Consequently, based on the solid foundations of Civil Society Strengthening, Articulation, Institutional Development, Advocacy and Research, the team has established clear goals to face the main challenges of 2021 and, thus, continue with its mission of contributing to the social transformation of Argentina and the region, through the creation of a space for inter-institutional exchange and dialogue, which includes all the actors and agents linked to sustainable development.

In the critical juncture the world is going through at present, strategic planning is of fundamental relevance to deal with the uncertainties of the future. Thus, the January 28 and 29 sessions represent the beginning of a process of great effort and joint work to continue strengthening and clarifying a horizon that still seems unpredictable.