We participated in the SDG Week!

During the week of September 15th to 25th, RACI joined the “Week of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” and extended an invitation to our members to take advantage of the opportunity to share their projects and activities.

It was an opportunity to highlight how their daily efforts are contributing to the achievement of the SDGs and to inspire other organizations to join this transformative cause.

We thank the CSOs that participated:

  • Fundación Gracias
  • Tablero de Oportunidades 
  • Olimpiadas Especiales Argentina
  • Mundo Sano
  • Fundación San Genaro 
  • Enseñá por Argentina
  • Fundación Espacios Verdes
  • Azul Solidario
  • Inmigrantes Digitales
  • Adeei
  • Equidad
  • Sumando
  • León
  • AMIA
  • Comunicación para la igualdad 
  • Cultura del Trabajo 
  • América Solidaria 
  • Fundación magis
  • Fundacion Vicentina 
  • Eco House Global
  • La base 
  • Kunayán


We will continue to support and promote the work of CSOs, and we appreciate all the organizations that participated in this Week of Action for the SDGs. Your contributions are a testament to how civil society is leading the way towards a more sustainable and just world.