Strengthening Civil Society: We were in Brussels and Morocco

We share the latest update on the progress we have made as part of our collaboration in Sociedad Civil en Red (SCR).

We met with authorities from the European Economic and Social Committee, where we discussed fundamental issues related to gender equality, human rights, and democratic governance. We also visited the Argentine Ambassador to the European Union, Atilio Berardi, to strengthen ties and discuss matters of mutual interest.

One of the most enriching aspects of this experience was the opportunity to deepen our understanding of the social economy promoted by the European Union (EU), which opens up new perspectives for strengthening our CSOs. Additionally, we shared agendas and perspectives with entities such as Oxfam, SOLIDAR & SOLIDAR Foundation, CNCD-11.11.11, Concord, and Wetlands International, allowing us to establish valuable collaborative connections.

Sociedad Civil en Red (SCR) is a multi-actor space of federations and networks of Argentine Civil Society, and RACI is an integral part of this group. Our collaboration is part of the project “Civil Society in Network to Consolidate Democracy,” funded by the European Union (EU), with the aim of strengthening civil society and improving its participation and influence in the processes of defining and implementing public policies. We aspire to be a promoter of collaborative spaces committed to integrating different levels of collective work, promoting the consolidation of a powerful civil society with a local, regional, and global perspective.

This experience in Brussels represents a significant step towards achieving these goals and expanding our international collaborations.

We traveled to Morocco with I4C!

In the company of our allies from Innovation for Change (I4C), we had the opportunity to explore Morocco. During our stay, we participated in a series of activities aimed at promoting social innovation and positive change.

The trip allowed us to firsthand experience the unique perspectives of the region regarding innovation and social development. We collaborated with various local actors and shared our experiences in the field of civil society in Argentina.

Our visit to Morocco was not only an opportunity to learn and share knowledge but also to strengthen our international connections and broaden our vision of how to address social challenges in a global context.