We participated in the Global Accountability Week 2020!

Last week from Monday, October 12 to Friday, October 16, organizations from all over the world came together to say #BeAccountable. AGNA, CIVICUS’ Group of National Associations, coordinated Global Accountability Week 2020 (GAW); campaign in which a series of exchange activities focused on responsibility, transparency and legitimacy within Civil Society and its main interlocutors were carried out.

RACI was able to participate in some exchange spaces where participants were involved in various aspects of accountability, such as: accountability in the digital age, COVID-19 and accountability, the power of the participation of interlocutors from the Civil Society in accountability and self-assessment tools for transparency.

Reinforcing the importance of strengthening accountability mechanisms within CSOs, various self-assessment instruments were presented to put into practice and improve the organizations performance. These tools have measurable parameters to support organizations to consult with their internal and external interlocutors on their actions, helping to increase and improve their transparency, legitimacy and the organizations external and internal responsibility in order to make better decisions.

At the same time, the participants of the exchange activities and AGNA members shared their thoughts, tools and practices throughout the week on social networks, showing that #RendirSiCuenta.

Finally, in relation to the internal challenge that balancing and adapting to new forms of online work represents for organizations, there was a discussion about accountability during this pandemic context, concluding on the importance of: communicating internal control systems and good governance practices, investigate changes in the organization and its stakeholders and make work hours more flexible and invest in online tools to facilitate teamwork.

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