Our Multisectoral Meetings Have Ended: Unconference vol II and vol III

Last Wednesday, on October 21st, we held the third and last virtual meeting with the support of AGNA (CIVICUS). After the Multisectoral Unconference vol. II, where we thought together about resource mobilization for organizations to achieve the 2030 Agenda, we decided to further open this space. The motto of the Multisectoral Unconference vol. III was: “Mobilization of resources in different regions of the world: from the global to the local context”.

In these times of constant change, we believe that it is important to rethink and look at successful experiences that we can replicate in our context. It is because of that in the latest edition of this event we have experts from different regions, who shared with us their experience in mobilizing resources. The three events maintained the same dynamics as the first. The goal was to offer a space for free, plural and horizontal exchange and debate around central themes currently occupying the CSO agenda in terms of mobilization of resources. The agendas were co-created by the participants, who took the reins of the event and were the real protagonists.

After listening to the speeches of the panelists, the participants chose the subject of their interest and divided into different sessions to talk to the respect.

The themes discussed on the Second Unconference were:

  • Municipal internationalization: the mobilization of resources through decentralized and technical cooperation (Carina Lucero – Municipality of General Alvear)
  • Are smart cities the only answer to the phenomenon of urbanization out of control? PostCovid: the future is in the towns (Cintia Jaime – ESVICIS)
  • Post-COVID era: where impact is king and collaboration the norm (Darren Ward- Direct Impact Group)
  • Public good incentives for compliance with the SDGs (Javier García Moritan – GDFE)
  • The new ambassadors of the SDGs: organized civil society? (Lucas Carneiro – Ministry of Family Agriculture of Misiones)
  • How to make the best possible use of resources to achieve the SDGs (Magdalena Saieg – Navarro Viola Foundation)

And those discussed on the Third Unconference were:

  • Alternative organizational forms: innovative revenue models for the Civil Society Sector (Ed Rekosh – Rights Co-Lab, USA)
  • Paradigm shift in mobilizing resources (Jimm Chick Fomunjong – WACSI, Cameroon)
  • The importance of partners (Jamila Asanova – ARGO, Kazakhstan)
  • Diversifying resources in the MENA region (Rajae Boujnah, Morocco)
  • Alliances and collaboration: the best answer for the times we are living today (Eugenio Vergara – CDI, Chile)

At the end, plenaries were held in common with the most important points raised in the debate of each session. Very interesting proposals were presented that invited us to rethink ourselves to generate successful experiences in relation not only with the mobilization of resources but also to innovation, working together -community and other current phenomena.

We thank all those who participated in these meetings. The innovation, dialogue and plurality stood out to strengthen the sector!