We participated in the Co-Design Meeting on the Implementation of the CIVICUS European Commission Grant

We were present at the co-design meeting focused on the implementation of the CIVICUS European Commission Grant in Latvia, which took place from April 22nd to 26th, 2024.

Our participation in this event was part of our ongoing commitment to strengthening civil society and promoting citizen action in Argentina and beyond. During the meeting, our team actively engaged in discussions and strategies related to the three main pillars of the event:

  1. Knowledge and Joint Strategy Sharing: We contributed to dialogue on key issues, sharing experiences, and developing joint strategies to address common challenges in the field of civil society and citizen action.
  2. Implementation Planning: Our representatives collaborated in developing a comprehensive implementation plan, working on strategies to enhance the capacities of target groups and ensure they are prepared to lead joint initiatives effectively.
  3. Building Partnerships and Alliances: We explored opportunities for local and global collaborations, seeking to strengthen alliances that expand civic and democratic space, especially in support of communities facing restrictions and discrimination.

We appreciate CIVICUS for providing us with this opportunity to participate in such a significant event and for their continued commitment to promoting civil society worldwide.